Month: June 2016

Why am I here ?

Why am I here ?

In 2013 , after A/L examination each an every friend of mine asked why aren’t you sit for A/L second time.After A/L result came teachers , friends and every one who met asked me “what the hell are you doing? , you have B,B,C for your results in first time . You can be an Engineer , you can get A,A,A s in next time. Why aren’t you sit for A/L second time.”


I don’t want to be a same as others.But , i didn’t get motivation to be like that.Once i totally messed up with all of these. and i googled for motivational videos, speeches and so.At that time i found a speech posted in internet(unfortunately after 3 year i can’t remember where i found this.). i think this speech changed me and i thoroughly said i don’t want to be a engineer.And i want to be my-self. To do that this speech¬†¬†was a strength to me. I think you too can get something from this speech. That’s why I put this speech in my blog.

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