Set up Apache Tomcat8 and Eclipse on Arch Linux

Set up Apache Tomcat8 and Eclipse on Arch Linux

Here we are going to set up Apache tomcat and Eclipse on Arch Linux to JavaEE development. Before that take look at what are these tomcat and Eclipse.

tomcat .pngapache

Apache tomcat is a web server( can handle HTTP request and responses ) specially created to deploy JSPs and Java Servlets.


Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, and it is the most widely used Java IDE. It contains a base workspace and an extensible plug-in system for customizing the environment.

Now on we discuss about how install and configure these tool.

Install Eclipse and Tomcat8 by running in a terminal

sudo pacman -S eclipse tomcat8

Assign the tomcat8 group to your user. Assuming your username is ‘mango’, run

sudo gpasswd --add mango tomcat8

To check whether “tomcat8 group” add to user, run this

groups mango

Then you able to see all the groups currently you are in and tomcat8 should be there.

Note: You need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Install WTP (Web Tools Platform)

By running Eclipse and then,

  • From then menu Help select Install New Software
  • Next to Work with: search WTP and then you got “The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) software repository ” link and below you will get latest package detail.
  • Select the latest version from WTP and WTP SDK, click next to continue the wizard and agree the license agreements and finish the setup.


It will takes some time to complete the installation and will ask to restart eclipse.

To configure WTP to use tomcat8

  • Select Windows -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments
  • Press Add
  • Select “Apache Tomcat v8.0″
  • Enter “/usr/share/tomcat8″ into the “Tomcat installation directory” field and press Finish.


Now you have Tomcat Runtime Environment ,


Create a new “Dynamic Web Project”

  • File -> New -> Dynamic Web Project
  • As Target Runtime select “Apache Tomcat v8.0″ and continue
  • Select the “Generate the web.xml deployment descriptor” option at the final dialog

Open the Servers view

  • Go to Window->Show View->Server
  • Click on create new server wizard
  • Choose Apache / Tomcat v8.0 Server and press Next
  • Select your project on the left pane under “Available” and press Add> to move it to the right pane under “Configured”
  • Press Finish


Test web server


You can create simple html page on Web Content folder and run project.Select Tomcat v8.0 server as runtime and add current project to configure section and finished that wizard. It will shows you the html file in new browser. That means you configured correctly.


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